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Mu Ming, a way to Buddhist Art

Mu Ming, a way to Buddhist Art

A portrait of an artist and his spirituality, his consciousness and his sensitivity.

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More Buddhist Art videos

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Art of Asia: Buddhism - The Art of Enlightenment

Having originated 2500 years ago, the Buddha's teachings have formed the core of the religion known as Buddhism. Over the centuries, Buddhism spread from India into all corners of Asia. As...

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Beliefs Made Visible: Buddhist Art in South Asia (Part 2 of 2)

Explore Buddhism through clips of significant sites in South Asia and interviews with members of the Bay Area South Asian community.

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Curator’s Perspective: “Unlocking the Secrets of Buddhist Art: Tibet, Japan, and Korea”

Presented by Katherine Anne Paul, PhD, curator, Arts of Asia, Newark Museum Curator Katherine Anne Paul presents a lecture that introduces the stunning aesthetics of Buddhist art. Paul also...

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Buddhist Schools of Art - Part 1

This topic explains the Buddhist Schools of arts- The Mauryan School of Art, The Sunga School of Art, The Mathura or Kushana School of Art and The Gandhara School of Art. This is a product...

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Korean Buddhist Art

This video documents the creation of a Buddhist painting by the monk artist, Seol-min (formerly known as Jae-u), who has dedicated her life to keeping the tradition of Buddhist painting alive.

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Tankha Arts, Indo Tibetan Buddhism - The Buddhist Path to Liberation

Tankha Arts, Indo Tibetan Buddhism - The Buddhist Path to Liberation... Video arranged and done by Facundo Soares Gache... By the captivating sound in a Puja ceremony perform by the Tibetan...

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Buddhist Art From Around the World

This video includes Buddha Statues (Rupas) and Buddhist art mostly from from around Asia and Europe. I have included several large Buddha and Quan Yin rupas located throughout Southeast Asia,...

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Introduction to Buddhist art, the Buddha narrative

This lecture introduces Unit 4, Buddhist and Islamic art, and talks about AP art history questions relating to religion and culture. The lecture continues with a review of the Buddha's life,...

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Discover the Power of Mudra – Hand Gestures in Buddhist Art

Sotheby's upcoming exhibition on 16 September, Images of Enlightenment: Devotional Works of Art and Paintings, traces the development of Buddhist art across Asia. This short video describes...

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Timelapse: Tibetan Sand Mandala Demonstration

From August 16--19, 2012, six Tibetan Buddhist monks travelled to San Francisco from the Drepung Loseling Phukhang Monastery in South India to create a sand mandala for the Asian Art Museum....

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Embodying Enlightenment: Buddhist Art of the Himalayas


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Masterpieces of Buddhist Art

Explore pieces from the spiritual centres of Nepal, Tibet, China, Korea and Japan from the first Buddhist Art auction at Christie's http://www.christies.com/hk.

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How did Hellenistic trends influence Buddhist art and architecture?

Part of the URSS project of Jivan deep-Kandola, conducted over the summer of 2016.

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The Buddhist Arts of Korea with Dr. Robert Mowry

March 16, 2017 - This illustrated slide lecture with Robert D. Mowry will introduce Korean Buddhist art, focusing on the late Three Kingdoms period (traditionally, 57 BC – AD 668), the Unified...

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Japanese Buddhist Art

This short film introduces the viewer to Buddhism in Art. Produced by Mark Stanley for The Minneapolis Institute of Arts as part of the Arts of Japan galleries. Mastered on Laserdisc for interactiv...

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BEST RELAXING BUDDHA MUSIC FOR BUDDHIST - Buddha Gautama, Buddha Art With Meditation Song Playlist

Introducing New Mindfulness Relaxing Music Video: http://bit.ly/Youtube-Mindfulness-Relaxing-Music-4 SUBSCRIBE HERE: http://bit.ly/Youtube-Subscribe-Zenny BEST RELAXING BUDDHA MUSIC FOR...

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Buddhist Art - Origami Buddha

A4-Sheet of paper changing into a Buddha-statue: Master of Origami Kathrin Schertenleib visiting Buddhist Monastery.

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Tibetan Buddhist Art

This is a slide show of many different examples of Tibetan Buddhist art. I have included thangka paintings, rupas, (statues) stupas, (chortens), wall frescoes, and mani stones. Some of the...

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Buddhist Art

This Lecture talks about Buddhist Art.

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Biggest Buddhist art festival opens in South Korea

What's said to be the biggest festival so far of Buddhist art has begun in South Korea. The festival is focusing on the connection between soaring skyscrapers and more traditional...

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Buddhist art in India

The earliest Buddhist art appeared in India. This lecture focuses on religious architecture, especiallly the stupa, and on images of the Buddha.

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Buddhist Schools of Art - Part 2

This topic explains the Mathura School of Art and the Gandhara School of Art. This is a product of Mexus Education Pvt. Ltd., an education innovations company based in Mumbai, India. http://www.m...

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The Role of Aniconism in Early Buddhist Art

by Arneson through Professor Rev. Dr. James Kenneth Powell II, opensourcebuddhism.org. This project presents the earliest and \

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The Buddha Triumphing Over Mara: Form & Meaning in Buddhist Art with Susan Huntington (Part 1 of 2)

Susan Huntington, of Ohio State University, gives a talk about the Asian Art Museum's statue of the Buddha triumphing over Mara.

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Palace Museum celebrates Maritime Silk Road and Buddhist art

The Palace Museum in Beijing is hosting two major exhibitions. The first is titled “The Forbidden City and the Maritime Silk Road,” the second, “Painting and Calligraphic Works by Four...

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Sanchi - Masterpieces of Buddhist Art

The video commences with an enchanting mantra depicting this magical domain in MP which marks an important stage in evolution of Indian culture. The video further explains what must have attracted...

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Buddhist Art

Buddhist art originated on the Indian subcontinent following the historical life of Siddhartha Gautama, 6th to 5th century BC, and thereafter evolved by contact with other cultures as it spread...

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Hindu and Buddhist art 4 Buddhist art in China, Tibet and Japan


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Sri Lanka Buddhist Art


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Buddha Art and Paintings Exhibition

Buddha Paintings Exhibition.

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Sacred Stone: \

Welcome to Sacred Stone: India's Buddhist Architecture. In this series, Buddhistdoor International journalist John Cannon takes you on a treasure trove of Buddhist stone heritage in India....

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The Penn Museum Glazed Luohan in Context: Chinese Buddhist Art During the 10th-12th Centuries

Derek Gillman, Executive Director and President of the Barnes Foundation, considers a famous Penn Museum artifact as a jumping off point for this talk. The celebrated glazed earthenware luohan...

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The Origin of Buddhist Art

Ven. Khenpo Tsewang Dongyal Rinpoche teaching on the origin of Buddhist art during \

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